Sun&Shade Lawn Seed  2KG
Sun&Shade Lawn Seed  2KG

Sun&Shade Lawn Seed 2KG

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Sun & Shade Seed: This lawn seed has ingredients that both thrive in shaded areas, as well as in full sun. It performs well on any soil type.

Percent in Mixture
Grass Seed Variety
Kentucky Bluegrass
Creeping Red Fescue
Perennial Ryegrass
Chewing Fescue
POA Trivialis

Application Rate:1kg of Sun & Shade Seed covers up to 44m² or 474 Square Feet.

Settlers Supplies only sells General Seed brand lawn seed. This lawn seed is never coated. You get 100% seed in these lawn seeds. Coating will increase the weight of the bag - so you would get less seed for more money. No coating means you get more seed for your dollar.