Sodium Bicarbonate - 25Kg
Sodium Bicarbonate - 25Kg

Sodium Bicarbonate - 25Kg

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General Description:
Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is a white, crystalline compound

Product Specifications:
Sodium bicarbonate contains not less than 99.0 percent sodium bicarbonate. Feed grade bicarbonate is intended for agricultural uses only.

Empirical Formula:

Bulk Density:
65 lbs/cu. ft.

Recommended Feeding Rate:
Feed at a rate of 1.5 percent of the grain ration (30 lbs per ton) or 0.75 percent (15 lbs per ton) of total dairy ration on a dry matter basis. An alternate approach would be to feed 0.8 ounce for each 10 lbs of milk produced.