S6 Solar Energizer
S6 Solar Energizer

S6 Solar Energizer

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Keep pests out and your pets in. An electric fence provides a safe and effective barrier to deter pests from entering your garden or pets from exiting your property. The S6 Lithium
Solar Energizer is a compact, portable, and super reliable power source for energizing the electric fence used to protect your garden and pets.

Protect your pets. Protect your backyard
• Keep your pets in and pests out with a safe
and effective electric fencing solution
Fully integrated, ready to use
• Simply mount on a suitable steel rod and
connect to your fence. Includes fence
lead, rechargeable lithium battery and
solar panel
Self-sufficient, set and forget

• High-quality Solar panel charges internal lithium battery to maintain power on fence — no need to change or recharge batteries
Long lasting, reliable performance

• Long life heavy duty Lithium Iron Phosphate
battery keeps power on your fence day and night
Designed for the outdoors. Rain, hail or shine
• Water resistant case, with built-in lightning
protection ensures performance in all weather conditions
Compact, unobtrusive design
• Easy to install in any location

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