RITCHIE Waterer Omni 3 18270

RITCHIE Waterer Omni 3 18270

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OmniFount blends technology from both our traditional stainless steel units and our insulated poly units to provide the premier livestock fountain. Designed with animal safety in mind, the Omni 3 features smooth rounded edges and a fully insulated casing for energy efficiency. The stainless steel trough features thermostatically controlled heat elements that are attached to the underside for frost free service even under the most severe winter conditions. The Omni 3 is designed for larger herds and its fast refill valve will provide fresh water to 100 beef cattle or 50 dairy.

Herd Capacity:

Horses: 100, Beef: 100, Dairy: 50

Easy to maintain and clean. Large access panel for easy access to heating components and waterline. Heating elements are located directly under the 304 stainless steel trough for exceptional performance and overall heat coverage. Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection. Insulated with highly energy efficient polyurethane foam, providing an r-factor of 7 per inch. Durable insulated casing allows for energy efficiency. Water between 100 beef/50 dairy. OmniFount units are sold complete and ready to attach to your water and electric lines. 

10 Year Warranty