Ritchie Valve  A2575  Red 12575

Ritchie Valve A2575 Red 12575

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Regulate your water flow with the Ritchie 1/2 inch valve. Rated for water pressures between 40-60 PSI. The red valve is a standard valve in the following units WaterMatic 100&150, Omni 1&2, Omni-2 Special, Ecofount 1&2, Genesis 1&2, Ezfount, AutoFount 1&2, UltraFount 1&2, Pork Kings Series, and Thrifty King for Swine.

Use for water pressures of 40-60 psi. High and low pressure valves are available. Average 3.4 gallons a minute. Includes stainless steel screw and wingnut. 

1 Year Warranty