Mas-D-Tec-20  Mastitis Detector

Mas-D-Tec-20 Mastitis Detector

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The Mas-D-Tec Subclinical Mastitis Detector is a hand held electronic meter that measures electrical conductivity in a small sample of milk. This advanced technology is used for early identification of subclinical mastitis in individual quarters or cows. Research has shown that conductivity increases markedly with the onset of mastitis infection.

Mas-D-Tec detects an increase in conductivity long before other clinical symptoms and signs are evident. 9-volt battery included. To use the Mas-D-Tec, a milk sample is squirted from the teat into the funnel type opening at the top of the unit. The results appear immediately, registering a reading ranging from 0 to 9. A reading of 0 indicates a mastitis-free quarter. A reading of 0 to 4 is generally considered normal, but if one quarter has a reading two units higher than the other quarters (even if the reading is within the normal 2 to 4 range), you should also consider that quarter to be subclinically infected. Any reading of 5 or higher should be interpreted as a positive indication of subclinical mastitis in that particular quarter. The entire procedure can be accomplished in just seconds per quarter.

The previous milk sample is purged from the system when you introduce the next sample. There is no need to clean the instrument between quarters or cows. Simply rinse with clean water when finished. Self-purging unit prevents cross contamination between quarters. Mas-D-Tec provides simple, convenient, and immediate detection of subclinical mastitis, eliminating the guesswork and time associated with old fashioned chemical tests.