Cranky Frank Hemp Bedding Chicken 75L Compressed

Cranky Frank Hemp Bedding Chicken 75L Compressed

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Canadian Made Hemp Bedding! Cranky Frank Brand - Canadian Gold!

This bedding is extremely absorbent, significantly more so than pine, aspen or straw and eliminates odor long-term! Our customers have switched to hemp because it offers downstream savings, less bedding used – less waste, odor control, and less labor.

Here are some of the technical specs/benefits of our premium hemp bedding below:

  • • Dust-Free
  • • Completely Toxin-Free/Pesticide-Free
  • • Soft
  • • Hypoallergenic
  • • 400% Absorbency Rate
  • • Long Lasting – Superior Odor Blocking
  • • Biodegradable & Compostable
  • • Renewable (Grows in 100 days)
  • • Sequesters 6-10 Metric Tons of CO2/Acre


Why choose Cranky Frank? 

  • Best Consistency on the market
  • This hemp is screened multiple times to ensure consistent sizing
  • Our dryer is set to a specific moisture content
  • Lowest dust content on the market - virtually zero dust
  • Canadian Made product - proudly sustainable and made by Canadian Farmers.