Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Kit

Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Kit

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The Goodnature Trap Kit is our entry-level solution for controlling rats and mice. Like all our traps it comes with an A-Class Humane rating, and is 100% toxin-free, making it safe for pets. It's perfect if you want an automatically resetting trap, without all the bells and whistles. Each trap delivers 24 unattended, self-resetting strikes per 16g CO2 canister.

Rodents can cause serious harm to your health and irrevocable damage to your property. If you're looking for a toxin-free and automatic solution to control your rat or mouse population, The Home Trapping Kit is exactly what you're looking for.


Does not include A24 Tree Mount. 

The Home Trapping Kit with Counter contains the amazing A24 Rat & Mouse Trap. 

The A24 is an indoor/outdoor Rat & Mouse Trap with superb design. It uses CO2 to power a humane but swift strike automatically resetting after each kill. Additionally, the A24 attracts rats and mice without the use of toxins with our attractants. It is trapping made safe, easy, quick, automatic and non-toxic! 

How to Install

Installation is as simple as following our step-by-step Quick Start Guide. It contains everything you need to get your trap up, and running, and placed in optimal areas for success.

Trapping Support

Trapping isn't an exact science and can sometimes require a pragmatic approach. Our trapping experts are on hand to help you troubleshoot and trapping location and help you find the right combination of location, pre-feeding, and baiting to help you achieve success. 


Keep away from kids! Do not put your fingers in the apparatus.