ECO-SCENT (Shield) Organic Fly Repellant  4L

ECO-SCENT (Shield) Organic Fly Repellant 4L

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Directions for Use: Dilute with water or mineral oil at ratio of one part ECO-SCENT with nine parts of water of water water or oil (10% dilution) and mist livestock liberally, being careful to cover legs, dewclaws, hocks, flanks, tails and ears. Spray Walls and Ceiling of stall areas as needed to reduce premise odors. When using water, for longest lasting results, mix together 10-30% ECO-SCENT, 4% ultra refined water soluble mineral oil and 66-86% water. When using livestock run oilers, ECO-SCENT may be added to soy, peanut oil, or mineral oils at the rate of one or more ECO-SCENT to 9 parts of oil, depending upon the need to deodorize livestock.