Chick N Veggie Ball Fun

Chick N Veggie Ball Fun

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Offers an entertaining way to provide leafy greens to the backyard flock.

It is large enough to fit a full head of lettuce (and more), is a perfect "toy" and a SOLUTION to boredom (picking, bullying, etc) in the coop, run and beyond.

Comes with a chain so you can hang it in the coop and/or run too. 

  • Can fit a full head of lettuce, cabbage, etc
  • Fun rolling treat buffet
  • Hang to reduce boredom when cooped up
  • Entertains multiple chickens at once
  • Easy open and close design
  • Convenient feeding and cleaning 
  • Size: Width 7" Depth 7" Height 5.5"
  • Chicken toy