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Maitland Valley Natural Feeds was developed in response to customer and industry demands for identity preserved/non-genetically modified livestock feed. Jones Feed Mills offers a complete range of Maitland Valley feeds for all livestock species and produces these feeds at our medication-free mill in Heidelberg.

Great effort is taken to ensure that only GMO-free crops and ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this feed. Crop ingredients are sourced from producers who ensure they are growing and managing their GMO-free crops in accordance with best management practices to ensure their viability. All corn, soybeans and soybean meal is tested before entering Jones Feed Mills to ensure a GMO-free status. Suppliers of all non-crop feed ingredients (minerals, feed additives, etc.) are required to submit written guarantees that their products do not contain genetically modified materials. 


Benefits for all bird systems:

  • Aids nutrient utilization
  • Healthy antioxidant status
  • Supports performance at reduced mineral levels
Benefits for layer:
  • Supports egg quality
  • Supports egg production
  • Less cracked eggs
  • Supports feather quality