Poultry Days 2022

Welcome to our Poultry Page! 

Ready-to-Lay birds have sold out until August 9th. Day old birds are also selling fast. See below for the current sold out dates. Other information such as the delivery dates, the breeds available and the price list, are available below. 

 If  you have any questions, please give us a call or check out Frey's Hatchery website for all the information you will need about raising birds. 

If you are ready to order, give us a call, email or come in to place your order. You may need to put down a deposit. 

Available Live Birds:

  • Muscovy Ducks
  • Ordering: 

    Please call or come into the store to place your order. Have the date, type of birds, quantities known in advance. Once the order is placed, you will get an email confirmation. Please check your email confirmation to make sure we have the correct date, types and quantities.  A few days prior to pickup, you will receive a reminder email. You will receive the Form 300 by email. You will need this form if you choose to process your birds. 
    Limits: There is a 300 bird limit for broiler birds, per year, per customer. 
    There is a 100 bird limit for layer birds, per year, per customer. There is a 50 bird limit for turkeys. 
    Crates: Are available for purchase $65 each, like-new condition. 

    Price Sheet - 2022 

    Dates: 2022 - Always Tuesdays (Check calendar below for sold out dates). 

    Ready-to-Lays are available on a first-order, first-serve basis. Order EARLY to avoid disappointment - especially for the special breeds. 

    Please plan to pickup your birds on the date of delivery (Tuesday), between 10:30am and 5:30pm. We cannot hold birds for you after 5:30pm. Please make arrangements with a neighbour or friend if you have an emergency. 

    Date (All Tuesdays)  Day Old Chicks Day Old Turkeys Day Old Ducks Day Old Phea-sants

    Ready To Lay


    Ready To Lay

    AZ, BSL, BR, CRX, RIR 

    Ready To Lay


    July 5

    Sold Out: WR & Rustic Ranger, RSL, BSL, RB, ST

    Yes, still available: 

    Sold out: AG & OB

    Still available: LW,  MV


    Yes Red Sex Link SOLD OUT


    All Sold Out
    August 9

    Sold Out: WR & IA

    Other types  still available

    Sold out: AG 

    Still available: LW,  MV, & OB


    Yes: RSL still available x x
    August 23 Yes Yes, LW only No No
    Yes: RSL still available




    Sept 20 Yes Yes, LW only No No Yes: RSL

    Sold OUT: BR,BSL,  

    Still avail:

    AZ, CRX, RIR

    Oct 4 Yes No No No Yes: RSL x x


    2023: For next year, you can start ordering birds in January 2023. The first delivery date to the store is the last Tuesday in March, and every 2 weeks until the first Tuesday in July, and then once a month  until early October. Order your birds early - especially Ready-to-Lay - as they always sell out.