Grober Animal Colostrum - Mix it up Baby!

Are you following the instructions when using colostrum? Some people are just mixing it up, willy-nilly. A bit of hot water, or maybe cold and getting frustrated. No! Don't do that. There are many reasons why you should follow the directions! Here they are: 

  • Colostrum is created for your animals to give them the very best start. It gives them the best chance at the early stages for fighting disease and cold conditions. 
  • If you use water that is too cold - it doesn't mix well. 
  • If you use water that is too hot - it can denature or destroy the sensitive, live-saving compounds in the colostrum.
  • If you don't mix it well it can be difficult for baby animals to digest. 
  • Unsafely stored colostrum can cause bacteria to grow and be harmful to your animals. Follow the refrigeration advice on the package. 

Here are some tools you need:

  • Use a thermometer to get the correct water temperature.
  • Use a kitchen scale to correctly measure the amount of colostrum
  • Use a liquid measuring device such as a kitchen measuring pitcher to correctly measure the amount of water.  
  • Use clean bottles, nipples and tools. 
  • Use a whisk or whisk drill attachment.
  • Bucket water heater (optional), for heating the water to the correct temperature or reheating colostrum bottles. 

As all farmers know, the first few days of life can be a challenge. Protect your investment in your baby animals and give them the best chance of survival will pay dividends down the road. 

For best results follow the directions on the package or contact Settlers Supplies for more information. 

For detailed information on caring for newborn lambs, read the OMAFRA's document here

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