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Scarybird Kite
Scarybird Kite
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Scarybird Kite

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Scarybird kite

Bird damage is a serious problem for crops, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, agricultural tarps and more. If nothing is done to keep them away, birds can destroy an entire crop. The damage can add up to substantial losses for professional farmers or individual growers.

There are many types of pest birds—including pigeons, starlings, crows and sparrows—and all too often protective measures are ineffective or harmful for the environment.

Since traditional scarecrows are static, birds quickly get used to them. As a result, they aren’t a lasting solution. Acoustic scarecrows like gas cannons cause noise pollution and chemical treatments have unacceptable environmental consequences.

Our flying scarecrow system is an ecological choice that mimics a raptor in flight. It’s based on a simple observation: the main predators of pest birds are birds of prey. When raptors are present, pest birds stay away.

How it works:
Our system consists of a kite hooked to the top of a 6-metre telescopic pole. The key element is a raptor (eagle/hawk) that’s attached to the pole and flies in the wind. The slightest breeze (less than 2 km/h is enough) sets the device in motion and ensures random activity. By mimicking the flight of a raptor—such as a buzzard, hawk or falcon—it will scare off pest birds and protect your crops, fruit trees, garden or vineyard.

– Even though the device was designed to work in light wind conditions (less than 2 km/h), we recommend installing it away from buildings, in an area that isn’t sheltered from the wind.
– The system should be stored when winds exceed 45 km/h.
– Install the scarecrow in an obstacle-free area so that nothing gets in the way of the kite’s take-off area.
– Move the device by 3 to 4 metres every 5 to 7 days so that birds don’t get used to it.
– Store the system in a dry place at the end of the season.


  • 1 UV-treated nylon kite (155 cm x 56 cm) with 3 fibreglass rods
  • 1 high-tensile nylon string (2.5 m) with 2 steel hooks
  • 1 telescopic fiberglass pole (6 m) with rubber caps at each end
  • 1 resin ground post
  • 1 carrying case
  • Total weight = 1.8 kg