ProFlora Calf Capsules 50 caps/jar

ProFlora Calf Capsules 50 caps/jar

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ProFlora RUM is the ONLY ruminant care Capsule that improves your production and bottom line. Made 100% in Canada with patented microencapsulation technology, it contains a research backed combination of Pre and Probiotics, Postbiotics, and Vitamins proven to reduce postpartum issues and help fresh cow quickly resume production, and help stressed calves bounce back to efficient gains quicker. Producers know, issues such as decreases in feed intake for close up cows, can affect their post freshening health, putting them at greater risk for hypocalcemia, metritis, dehydration, ketosis, retained placenta and milk fever. Prevention is key and ProFlora RUM cattle capsules are the answer.

Administer three capsules once daily for 2 days. ProFlora™ Cattle Capsule recommended during antibiotic therapy as well as for minor and major surgeries such as LDA and RDA.

To administer, please follow the instructions recommended below:

Step 1: Place the large end of a capsule into a bovine bolus applicator. Avoid applicators with undersized openings which may fracture the capsule shell or oversized openings which could allow the capsule to slip.

Step 2: Restrain the cattle in a pen. From outside of the pen, slowly approach the animal’s head. Gently pry open its mouth and place the applicator containing the capsule into the back of the throat. Administer the capsule as close to the esophageal opening as possible. Use caution to avoid delivery to the trachea.

Step 3: To assist passage of the capsule down the esophagus and to stimulate a swallowing reflex, stroke the surface of the tongue or the outside of the throat. Whenever possible, allow the animal to immediately have access to drinking water after administering the capsule. Watch for signs of breathing difficulty after administering the capsule. A capsule may block the airway if not properly administered, or if not swallowed by the animal. If the animal shows signs of choking or suffocating, immediately manipulate its body to dislodge the capsule. Step 4: Applicator should be cleaned and dried immediately following administration of capsule to each animal.

Please note: Do not use excessive force and perform all steps gently.